Finding God in Everything

In the last couple of days at Bible College we’ve been learning about ourselves – who we are and how God has wired us to do certain work that only we can do, and we had to write a summary up on one page.

I began to write but eventually drifted away to the real stuff I was thinking.

So here it is:

“Finding God in Everything”

“I’m frustrated because I don’t have a specific passion or hobby. I just want to have that one thing that I love, but I feel average with everything.

That’s all I really want. I want to find God in the wilderness.

I want to find God in places far from a church building. I want to become like a child; exploring the world like it’s one big adventure. I miss having genuine awe and wonder of God. I used to see Him as magnificent but now I’ve just made Him an everyday lifestyle that just seems mundane and boring. 

I know it’s not His fault; because I’m the one who stopped exploring who He is. I’ve stopped at this little speck of Christianity that I know and consider it to be everything that God is.

But I do, I do want to find God in the things where I believe that He isn’t. Like in enjoying life or being married. Why does Christianity feel like a punishment all the time? Why can’t I accept a loving God who just wants to be my friend?

That’s really my biggest desire; just to experience and live with God knowing that He loves me and wants me to be happy.”

– Cassia Lee

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