Thursday Night Thoughts Ep. 2: Static Faith

I can’t believe this is my second episode of ‘Thursday Night Thoughts’ and I’ve already forgotten to do it! Can I say, however, that I am on holiday, so days are rather non-existent to me at moment. Oh, and, I left my notebook at home (rookie mistake!) so this isn’t a normal post about my journal thought. But, I did write on my phone instead. So, here’s some Friday morning banter for ya – straight from my iPhone.

I woke up today with this thought, it was more or less a ‘picture’ rather than words. I’ve done my best to translate it for you, so here it is:

I saw a straight path and a circular path. One was inviting me on this journey into the unknown, where things would change, where what I saw would change, where I would have to be changed in order to experience it the way I needed to. The only constant – would be the God walking beside me. The other path – this circle, this cycle, this dusty, dry, lifeless path – was a picture of a faith that was always the same. Around and around and around experiencing the same thing, doing the same things, knowing God in the same way. If something was wrong it was because I wasn’t walking in my circle – where my faith was static, and bound to familiarity.

“If this [Christianity] is a journey, and not a circle of repeated history, then I should expect things to change; I should expect life to change; I should expect myself to change.”

The two paths represent my faith now, and the faith God wants to me to have. I can’t elaborate on the picture any more than I already have: I think it speaks for itself. And I’ve been sitting here for about half an hour trying to explain the picture, when it’s already done.

It’s called a journey for a reason, not a job title. God is a Shepherd, not a boss. Christianity is supposed to be freeing and joyful. And, although I know I don’t provide answers in this post, I’m not even sure if there is any, I just hope that God evokes a thought for you to see Him as an Inviter, not a demander.

Love, Cassia.


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