Thursday Thoughts Ep. 6: When I left home.

I spent 15 years of my life growing up in a small, isolated, sheltered town. I grew up a small, isolated, sheltered girl.

I call my hometown my Mother. Mine wasn’t around when I grew up (just my Dad), so I adopted her as my own. I needed someone to look up to, someone to learn from, someone to teach me how to be a woman.

People must know what it feels like to live in a small town – oh, the things it does to you! Always being afraid of what you wear to the supermarket in case you see someone you know. Everyone knowing your business – every single sin in detail. Having about 5 friends and never meeting anyone new.

As soon as I could, I left – and God helped me leave. I was accepted into a Bible College, and on Valentines Day 2014, I got outta there.

Hello, Auckland. 1 million new faces. Cultures. Personalities. Lives.

Auckland, for me, wasn’t just Bible College. I needed to leave home. Like a butterfly trapped under a glass – it could¬†move with bent wings and little space. But that’s not what butterflies are designed to do. They need wind under their wings to fly properly. I was stuck in this stupid small space that gave me no room to breathe.

Thank God, I made it out of there.

I expected Bible College to be the greatest thing that happened in Auckland, but it wasn’t. It was the fact that I was in Auckland, that I had left home and finally¬†matured as a person. Bible College got me there, but for a much greater reason that to just get a certificate in Christian ministry.

Mother, I don’t miss you anymore.

I miss Auckland. It was one mighty fine adventure.

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