Recommended Articles

I am constantly searching the web for articles that tickle my fancy (yes, tickle my fancy), most are them are from alternative Christian perspectives about ‘taboo’ Christian topics, and some are just articles that have helped me along my faith journey.

Here is a collection of articles that I recommend reading:

BC_LOGO_Main-SiteHeader-Medium by Joey Svendsen

Gist: Prosperity gospel vs. The Gospel: Is Jesus not enough?

Key sentence: “Expect God to move in your life,” we hear all the time. And rarely do I hear, “But don’t forget, He already moved heaven and earth, giving up his life so you will have eternity forever.”

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 1.49.01 pm – by Josh Ross and Jonathan Storment

Gist: Myths about Heaven

Key sentence: “Heaven and Earth were made together, they belong together, and God will ultimately         reconcile Heaven to Earth.”

relevant+logo – Rhett Smith

Gist: Depression and Christianity

Key sentence: “Anxiety and depression are very real issues in the Christian community, and it’s time we learn to talk more openly about them—and how to care for those who suffer from them.”

____ –  Shauna Niequist

Gist: The ways we grow and connect with God can, and will, change.

Key sentence: “I think what trips some of us up is the all-or-nothing approach—the idea that if you don’t experience your faith the way you always have, then it’s broken, or worth walking away from. Every relationship changes, and it makes sense to me that our relationships with God change, too, as we grow up and change.”

____ – Brenda Choo

Gist: Being a Christian is not about performance; it’s okay to mess up, and you don’t have to aim to be a ‘good Christian’.

Key sentence: “And yet, so often I place this heavy yoke of being a good Christian on myself. So often, in my efforts to be a faithful, worthy disciple,I end up killing myself. Because in order to be good, holy, upright and blameless, I have to resist my humanity, deny my limitations and suppress my fears.”

____ –  Tyler Speegle

Gist: Misconceptions about Christianity

Key sentence: “What I discovered is that some of my “Christian beliefs” were actually misguided and inspired more by worldly religion than the Word of God.”

szdxfcghvjb – by Micah J. Murray

Gist: You’ll never be good enough for God; that’s why he sent Jesus.

Key sentence: “For years I tried…I wanted so desperately to please God.”

O T H E R S: – by Juanita R. Ryan

Gist: How our distorted images of God are damaging.

Key sentence:  “It seems that people who believe in a God of love and compassion sometimes experience private images of God which are disturbing.”


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